Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday #33

Sis and I went to Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto this weekend. Had lots of fun! But no, I didn't get on the Ferris Wheel! Yikes!


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Ladynred said...

Good that you had fun! the kids would love it! we have Ribfest here in Guelph too!

bobbie said...

These are such great photos! But why didn't you get on the ferris wheel? I'd have loved that!

Kerskyn said...

I am pretty sure my knees would tremble if I ride the ferris wheel but I would love to try it!

maryt/theteach said...

I wouldn't get on the ferris wheel, or the roller coaster, or any ride like that, drowsy monkey! :)

Kerslyn said...

oppsss...typo error in my name.

Rinkly Rimes said...

It all looks great fun and the yellow adds to the shine!

JonJon said...

Wish I was there.. Nice shots!
Have a happy Monday!!

jeanette said...

Really nice photos..
I´ve linked twice but the first one is wrong so you can throw it away. I´t starts with yellow candy/ jeanette from swe.

Sally in WA said...

I like going to the carnival. You've captured lots of yellow in these shots.

Moon-Writer said...

These pictures have FUN written all over them. Right on! Great pics, love them!

VioletSky said...

Haven't been to the CNE in years. And I never was much into the rides except to watch others!

Carletta said...

I used to go the carnival so much when I was young. These great shots bring back lots of good memories for me!

James said...

Nice pictures. That looks like lots of fun!

Candy said...

Looks like fun and the Farris wheel...not me either. I stay on the ground and eat cotton candy!

Jeri said...

These are surely summer-time shots, I love them! I am like you, I say YIKES to those rides that take me too high!

Becca said...

Carnival type places always have the best lights at bright!

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Great shots Drowsey!


Mary said...

I love the photos you chose to share with us today. I also hope you had a wonderful time at the carnival.

Jan's Place USA and Mt Forest Pictures said...

wonderful colors, and I am sure it was so much fun!

Nukke said...

So beautiful dark blue sky behind everything and so much colours and lights !!!!!

Mar said...

Love the happy colors, they speak fun, fun and more fun!

gudcatch said...

wow! looks you and your sis enjoy the CNE celebration. My niece loves to ride Ferris wheel...

Greyscale Territory said...

Lots of bright yellows in this happy place!

Tammy said...

That ferris wheel is way to scary for me to get on too!

storyteller at Sacred Ruminations said...

Definitely looks like FUN ;--)
Wonderfully bright yellows you've captured and shared this week.
Hugs and blessings,

Dianne said...

great shots!
I really like the middle one, it has such a feel of carnival and action and fun

~Just me again~ said...

Awesome shots. I love amusement parks.

Martha in PA said...

Great carnival shots. I never realized until recently how much I love photos of ferris wheels!


Euroangel said...

wow nice going to festivals like this..i believed you and your kids had a lot of fun like I always did!


♥Rocío♥ said...

First Time Here!
I love it and I am playing along! =)
Yellow is one of my favorite colors too! anything bright and I love it!
I will come back next week!
I am grabbing your neat button!
Thanks for the FUN!
Have a Lovely♥Yellow Mellow Monday!
see ya☺!

♥Rocío♥ said...

Oh! BTW you take AMAZING pictures! just wanted to mention that too!

♥Rocío♥ said...

☺ne More thing I have 3 blogs! I know I am a crazy M☺M with 3 kids that loves to take pictures!!!


I want to capture all the special moments of my little ones...

and this one because I think the pictures look better with a black background☺...

Thanks for again!

katherine said...

oh i love to ride Ferris Happy MYM

Anne said...

I love this photo's amazing. Hope one day can ride one of this ferries... interesting.

JunieRose2005 said...

Wow! Looks like a fun place but I'm with you on NOT doing those rides! Had to give those up a long time ago!

I have my MYM post up this time!


Stephanie V said...

Carnivals - yes! What fun! But not the rides...just not the best part of the fair for me.

Libby Murphy said...

Oh goodness, what a rush! Reminds me of the smell and sounds of the fair, not to mention all the rides.
Happy Twirls


Reminds me of how much I loved fairs as a kid! Mine's up!

shopannies said...

i have always loved the beautiful colors of the carnival beltline. Did you know the ferris wheel was invented by a man from Jacksonville Illinois?

Annie said...

I just love fairs. I so wanted to just dive into these pictures and join in on the fun.

Sue said...

That looks like a fun carnival. I might be a little nervous of that Ferris Wheel too.

Tess said...

I want to go to a place like this. So much fun!