Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday #33

I have a couple of notes about comments & links below that you may like to read .... but first here are some more photos from my yard sale travels. (Click on the photos for a larger view).

Why anyone would want a taxi cab sign is beyond me, but obviously someone buys this stuff!

This set was just lovely, but quite expensive ... so I just photographed it, lol. When I'm yard sailin' I'm looking for the cheap stuff ;)


A couple of notes:

Comments: You may want to check your comment settings because I've had problems leaving comments on some blogs. Also, for those who use the 'letter verification' ... on some blogs the pop-up wasn't working properly and I was unable to enter the letters. It's a personal choice but unless you get a lot of spam the letter verification is an extra step for people wanting to comment and depending on people's browsers it doesn't always work well.

Links: Please check your link after you add it to the Mister Linky badge below. If it doesn't work please add the correct one and I'll delete the one that doesn't work. Also, it's best to just leave the link to your post, and not your blog, because that way if people click on the link a few days later they're taken directly to your MYM post. Otherwise they have to scroll through your blog looking for your lovely yellow photo. Thanks!

Thanks for playing - see you next week!

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bobbie said...

I do love yard sales. the china set is very pretty. As to the taxi sign - well to each his own. Can't imagine what use that could be put to.

Unknown said...

Cool. I love going through old treasures and even old junk.

I really like the old taxi light. And your photo in last weeks meme is lovely - that sole yellow leaf.

Anzu's Mum said...

LOL, taxi cab sign could be bought by a taxi mini car collector, if there's any. So funny it says yellow.

My first mellow yellow is up. I might be joining once in awhile. Thanks

Rinkly Rimes said...

I used to look for bargains! Now I look for 'bloggities' (oddities for blog). They're everywhere!

Mimi said...

Lovely tea set, and a lovely play with light on it too.
Have a nice MYM

Jackie said...

Wow I don't know if I would have been able to have resisted that tea set. And I don't drink hot tea.

But, I do collect a lot of dishes. I am obsessed with things like this.

I am going to be starting an online photography course soon so I am not committing to any weekly photo memes right now.

But, this was and still is one of my favorites. I hope I can get started back soon with it.

But, I have no clue yet how extensive and demanding the course work will be for this class.

I have a Photoshop course and then another 2nd level photography course I will be taking after I get through the basics course.

Hopefully I can return soon. BTW, I have been having problems with the word verification also...especially on Wordpress blogs and the ones that have the preview option.

I can see the letters but can't access the box to type them in.

Happy week!:-)

Willa said...

love the yard sale!
and i do have the same problems with few blogs who use letter verification, sometimes,out of frustration, I decided not to leave a comment instead.

Mirage said...

ah, cool you caught the "yellow" there.

the date you posted made me confsed lol. but its all ok...Have a nice week!

Ladynred said...

The tea set is beautiful.

Liz said...

I wonder what they'd do with that. I love the tea set though.

My Mellow Yellow is up.

Susan said...

A very unique yellow mellow photo. You never know when you'll need a taxi sign. I'd probably buy it because as a mother, I definitely qualify as a taxi driver! I love it!

I'd love that set of dishes too. Maybe I should be visiting your area. I'd have a ball buying everything in site! Hehehehe

Miranda said...

Yard sales are so much fun. That taxi sign is cool. I have a sign on my Mellow yellow too :D

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

I LOVE THAT TAXI SIGN! :) Beeep beeeeeep!

James said...

It sure does look nice. Good thing you had your camera. ;-)

MYM said...

mirage - good catch on the date! LOL I find this upgraded blogger template does weird stuff like that sometimes - I fixed it. thanks!

Lindy said...

Interesting and unique things one can find at the yard sales! I suppose there's someone who would want that taxi cab light as a collector's item. Pretty tea set, too.

Martha said...

Great photos. I never see good stuff when I go to yard sales. Don't have room to buy it anyway!


The Pink Geranium or Jan's Place said...

Love the Yellow cab top! I take my camera to sales, and take pictures of the stuff I don't buy, but would like to!

Wrigley said...

I like the old taxi sign. It's my first time to join Mellow Yellow Monday :)

Gemma Wiseman said...

The taxi sign for sale is bizarre. Good one for yellow!

katherine said...

i like the tea set. maybe i'll have my tes every night if i have that tea set. hehe

Bird said...

I guess I am the wierdo that taxi sign is out to tempt - but as I'm from the UK its charm may be of the tourist kind (we don't have yellow cabs here)

Love the photos and love the meme - this is my first Mellow Yellow Monday :)

happyone said...

There is something for everyone. I love yard sales too.

lv2scpbk said...

I love tea pots.

maryt/theteach said...

Drowsy Monkey, I gave my link and it was incorrect. I gave my link again and it's correct. Sorry! You'll remove the first wrong one for me? Thanks very much! Love the YELLOW taxicab sign... :)

Christie, Describe Happy said...

That taxi sign is pretty darn neat! How much was it going for?

Rechie said...

cool hehee...

Nanna said...

there's lots of neat things to be found when yard saleing as well as antiquing, I wouldn't of bought the taxie sign but would had to think hard on the tea set too LOL

Snowbird said...

Great pictures. I especially like the Yellow Cab sign. Just down the street from us, some guy had huge stop lights for sale out in his front yard--green, yellow, red. Guess I should have taken a picture. Oh well.

Stephanie V said...

Love the taxi cab sign. That's a wild find at a garage sale!

Unknown said...

Great splashes of yellow. Happy day!

life's journey said...

I love yard sale and flea market you can save a bunch of money and you can find many beautiful new, used, and antique stuff. My first entry is up...

Euroangel said...

i love yard sale too but can't find that much in germany..only once in a while..


annies home said...

brother owns a consignment shop and you would be suprised by what people buy

Irene said...

Love the china set, how much is too much? My friend would have expected me to pick that up for her, It looks like a shelly.

Annie Jeffries said...

Such a pretty china set. I wonder how people can let go of things like that.

JunieRose2005 said...

I love yard sales...and -OH! I'd love to find one of those taxi signs! I go for the unexpected and unusual stuff!

I have my MYM post up now! (he's a cutie, too!)


Sara Chapman in Seattle, USA said...

Oh, but the tea set is to lust after. Sometimes the "expensive" stuff in a garage sale is so worth it.

MYM said...

Interesting how many people would buy the taxi sign! lol !!

Can't remember exactly, but the tea set was a couple hundred dollars - way over my limit. I think a lot of the china and nicer items were from estate auctions. I've gone to a few of those in my time - lots of fun bidding on stuff!

Maria's Space said...

I love the look of tea sets. So sweet and makes me want to go make myself a nice cup of tea.

Unknown said...

This is a special Mellow Yellow as my dear friend who is battling brain cancer is all dolled up in yellow.
Happy Twirls

Gypsy Lala said...

I like your yard sale photos.

Nishant said...

your photo in last weeks meme is lovely - that sole yellow leaf.
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AVCr8teur said...

Regarding the taxi sign, you know the old adage, one man's junk is another man's treasure. You'll never know what you'll find at these sales.