Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday #14

I don't really celebrate Easter ... except for the candies! Oooh, Peeps ... love that marshmallow sweetness! Yum!!


Thanks to everyone who participated this week - we hit 80 Mellow Yellow Links! Whoa!

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CreativeVision said...

My first entry for Mellow Yellow!cute candies!

Torilicious said...

Cute little ones!

bobbie said...

Oooooo Peeps! How I love them. Once a year can't hurt, can it?

Pacey said...

Maybe I'd like to try them...What a coincidence I've also posted candies/mallows for today's MYM.

Dylan said...

I have never heard of a "Peep" before?, they look like they are trying to resemble a small chicken, are they all marshmellow?

Kathy said...

yummm, I haven't had a marshmellow bunny in years.

Life On Our Own said...

Second time to see this Peeps.

My entry is up!

Drowsey Monkey said...

For those not familiar - Peeps are marshmallow shaped chicks, either pink or yellow ... and they're covered in sugar. Yummy and soooo not good for you! LOL

prkl said...

Sweettooth seems to wake up at eastern. Many kind of different candies are popular all around Blogistan. Happy MYM!

Fadil Wimala said...

suddenly, i wanna taste them :P

Shoshana said...

I like the looks of peeps, but it's really too sweet.

Anonymous said...

Oh daughter loves them...

Teena in Toronto said...

I don't celebrate Easter either. Happy Monday!

Speedcat Hollydale said...

I have a peeps doctors office ... but that is not my yellow post. I can haz 10 million legos???


Monkey !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dianne said...

Happy Peep's Sunday ;)

Carletta said...

I thought of peeps today but already had some flowers ready. Glad I didn't now. When I saw yours I just smiled!

Love this meme!

Bryan said...

Peeps are always so good until after you've eaten them.

Sally in WA said...

Great picture! Personally I avoid them. They are too sweet for me. Now if they were stuffed with chocolate, I might reconsider. :-)

scart said...

what is it? is it a marshmallow duckies?

BTW, mine is up! happy monday!

NicoleB said...

Thanks a lot!
No chance of getting anything like THAT over here :)
They sure do look yummy, sigh :)

Rosadimaggio63 said...

what is this ?
Good morning :-)

Regina said...

Looks yummy. A nice day to all.

Tina said...

now you made me want to go and grab one of the kids easter eggs. i can just taste the marshmallow in my mouth now lol

Sharon said...

Love those peeps:)

lv2scpbk said...

Why didn't I think of peeps. Duh! They were right in front of me. LOL

happyone said...

Oh I love them too. :-)

Linnea W said...

Peeps are really sweet, so it's a good thing you can only find them in the store around Easter time...Thanks for hosting MYM

Sherrie said...

My Mellow Yellow Monday post is up. Mr. Linky wouldn't let me paste my link in. So am doing it here. I love Peep too! Too bad you can only get them at Easter time. Have a great day!!


maryt/theteach said...

I do love peeps, drowsy Monkey! Thanks so much for hosting! :)

earthtoholly said...

Oooh, I love peeps! And only the yellow ones...purple and pink won't do. :o)

Lilli & Nevada said...

I too like these but havn't had them in yrs.

LadyBanana said...

I'd love to try these but we don't have them over here..

Lori E said...

If only there was more time in the day to look at each and every one of your sites. I try to find new ones but don't want to miss the ones I have checked out before because they are so great. Who needs clean clothes or a clean house? I'm busy on here.

at the cottage said...

I entered this week :) And I love those Peeps. Mmmmm

Norm said...

hello friend! my first yellow entry, a begonia and tulip flowers.

Anonymous said...

Oi, sou o Clausewitz. Quer conhecer alguma coisa sobre o Brasil? Passe lá no meu Blog. Abração

Tess said...

very yellow, yummy and really cute.

Lola said...

Have a very sweet MYM, those candies look yummy! My fast and furious post is up, now I'm off to see the others! Ciao

Drowsey Monkey said...

For those not familiar - Peeps are marshmallow shaped chicks, either pink or yellow ... and they're covered in sugar. Yummy and soooo not good for you! LOL

Judy said...

Yum!!! That's a favorite of mine that I loved seeing in my Easter Basket as a child.

Ambrosia Jefferson said...

I have a bellie ache just thinkig about

amanda said...

My absolute favorite PEEPS! great shot of those yummies!

Connie said...

I bought yellow peeps too. They make for great pictures too.

ROSIDAH said...

I would love to try these candies. They look very yummy! Have a great week :)

Ms.Daisy said...

I LOVE peeps and was given some GREEN ones this year! Thanks for hosting MellowYellowMondays.

Drowsey Monkey said...

I've never seen green peeps!

boliyou said...

Peeps are a great thematic yellow. And the only real peeps are the yellow ones.

meleah rebeccah said...

ah hahhahahah Peeps! Perfect!

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Gotta leave for the day, but my NEW MYM is done ... I will be back later sometime to add links and such.

Howdy Drowsey!!!