Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mellow Yellow Monday #190

This was taken at the Anne of Green Gables park in Prince Edward Island. It was a really lovely place and we had a great time!  And yes, that is Anne chatting with one of her friends in front of the house :)



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lorik said...

I could live happily in that house. Beautiful!

Annie Jeffries said...

I've always wanted to paint our house a pretty, soft yellow. Alas, dear hubby is not a fan. I sure like the one you have shared with us this week.

lina@home sweet home said...

What a beautiful house. Love the women's outfits :)

Unknown said...

You new blog look is very nice and chaarful!

Matkatar said...

Lovely house!

Marlene said...

I like the yellow color of the house. It's cool to the eyes. The women's attire looks like they're in a play. :)

Sara Chapman in Seattle USA said...

I had a great time in PEI many years ago. I learned to eat steamed potatoes with butter and lemon juice there, as I remember.

I had no idea there was a park like that. How cool!

Melbourne Australia Photos said...

Great looking house with a very mellow yellow colour in the paintwork.
Thanks for hosting!

Cafe au lait said...

Happy MYM!

Liz said...

My entries are up. Thanks for hosting!

Chrissy Brand said...

Green Gables, not yellow? Fascinating that there is a theme space for the novel. Delighted to be playing Mellow Yellow for the forst time!

Mancunian Wave : Glimpses of Greater Manchester, a photo a day.

Marleen said...

Lovely house.

Danielle said...

Oh I love that warm and cozy looking. I love your new look on the blog...the butterflies are awesome.

LivingSoAbundantly said...

How neat!

Misty DawnS said...

Oh what a beautiful house!!!

LadyD Piano said...

So charming and I love the books!

Melissa said...

Flower boxes! I love those flower boxes!!!

Kranky Granny said...

One of my favorite reads as a young girl. Also, one of my favorite colors. I doubt I could live in a house that did not have some yellow about it.

Unknown said...

Added!! i think one my best last pics! please comment! :)

Judy said...

I love it!!

❀~Myrna~❀ said...

I love yellow houses! How exciting , I would love to visit!

Ahayes1225 said...

Hello, I am a new visitor. I posted my yellow mushroom!

Jen said...

Cute house.

A Colorful World said...

Hello! It's a wonderful house. I've always wanted to see Anne's houses on Prince Edward Island!

I just came over to join in with the meme, and don't see a way to do so. I have a post ready to be added, but did I wait too late? For me it's 9:15 Monday morning. Please email me and let me know.