Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday #148

Well, I had a computer melt-down and lost a bunch of files, including most of my photos.  In the process of getting most of them back ...but until then you'll have to play MYM without me :)  Enjoy!


Thanks! See you next week.

1. Magical Mystical Teacher
2. Magical Mystical Teacher #2
3. Charlotte
4. Shiju Sugunan
5. Happy Thoughts
6. Chubskulit
7. JohnC
8. Ms. Burrito
9. Sun Catchers
10. Rose
11. Muffin
12. Sherry
13. dianne
14. Gretchen
15. Kim,USA
16. Mary, MI
17. genie~va~usa
18. Liz @ MLC
19. FM
20. Rajesh
21. Nix
22. One
23. Tropical Nature Photos
24. Grandma Deal
25. Lina, Indonesia
26. Road Improvement Project
27. lazyclick
28. Lainy's Musings
29. loveablecassadra
30. mizhelle
31. 36 Weeks After
32. A Sojourner's Saga
33. Christine
34. Vrinda
35. Photoblogista
36. Maboe
37. Deliciously Spicy Moments
38. Life's Concealed Details
39. Dhemz
40. Emille
41. imriz@home
42. imriz
43. Mrs.D
44. Carola
45. Angie in Yanchep
46. Grace
47. mark, australia
48. alexa in nyc, usa
49. Jeannette StG
50. Scotty's Princess
51. Milla
52. Cafe au lait - LTS
53. Ranu, India
54. che sulague
55. Luna Miranda
56. Morning Dew
57. vhen
58. A S S
59. Gattina
60. MamGirl
61. Kay, Alberta, Canada
62. Leovi - What is between you and me?
64. Eden,Australia
65. bilbre
66. Inside Cambodia
67. Tina
68. Pheno Menon
69. RAON DROPS on Roses
70. jhengpot
71. MC
72. Shydub
73. stanley
74. mommy peach
75. Gemma Wiseman's MP Daily
76. Ann Chin New Zealand
77. Shirley
78. jackie
79. Fru Marit ,Norway
80. Romina
81. Carole M/Australia
82. Pictografio
83. Tanya-Around Roanoke, Va
84. My Third Eye
85. VioletSky
86. Magical Mystical Teacher #3
87. Shannara
88. Leovi - Venus Libertina
89. Magical Mystical Teacher #4
90. Lifes a wheel (I am back!)
91. Inside and Out (I am back as well!)
92. Deserts and Beyond, CA
93. KM @ more than seXy
94. Charlene
95. Desert Horses, CA
96. LadyD
97. Country Charmed Life
98. Me Ann My Camera
99. Desert Southwest, CA
100. Natures Walk Studio
101. Mountain Mermaid
102. Diane AZ
103. Explorerminded
104. Myrna- Give Away Wins & Sleigh ride at Mall
105. HoodPhoto (OR-USA)
106. ChiIL Mama-Chicago
107. bettyl - New Zealand
108. Rosemarie-My Journey
109. Magical Mystical Teacher #5
110. Nancy, PH
111. Pieni Lintu
112. ako c MARCIAL
113. City
114. City
115. Understanding beyond life of ignorance
116. Successful Failure
117. batman
118. why girls like him
119. dasha
120. Magical Mystical Teacher #6
121. Norhen Grace Jomaya
122. The Fruit
123. kathleenjarap
124. ako c ROWIN
125. Our Garden
126. ohlene burias
127. Fe's Journey of Life
128. Sunflower4Emily
129. Chie - Fun&Entertainment
130. kathleenjarap
131. Shengkay
132. Jeric Alcantara
133. Dee - Indonesia
134. Mylife
135. leslie
136. rizza
137. josette
138. leoniel

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Happy Thoughts said...

Hope your computer will be fixed the soonest. I'm joining today! Have a nice day!

Dianne said...

good luck with your files!
computers can be so evil

Gretchen said...

OH NO!!! Hope they are restored quickly!!!

Liz said...

I hope you still get your files.

Have a fabulous week.

Liz @ MLC

FM said...

Happy MYM!

Melbourne Australia Photos said...

Greetings from Melbourne! My first Mellow Yellow Monday entry.

lina@home sweet home said...

Computer troubles can be so annoying :(

xinex said...

Oh so sorry about your computer, hope you can recover your lost files......Christine

loveablecasandra said...

That is sad to know:(

Happy MYM!

Angie said...

Fingers crossed you get going again soon. Thanks for MYM.

Cafe au lait said...

Happy MYM.

Kay L. Davies said...

Now my worst nightmare: computer crashing and losing all my un-copied files.
Used to be afraid of fire, flood, felony, the usual suspects, but not any more.
Hope you're up and running on all cylinders soon.
Thanks for providing MYM.

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

From The Heart said...

Computers are so aggravating sometimes.
Hope yours will be working again soon.
Thank you for hosting Yellow Monday.
I love it!

Carole M. said...

no-one wants for computer disasters like this; what a relief you're getting most your photos back. Thanks again for a lovely space to share photos with you here.

Tanya Breese said...

oh no!

desertsandbeyond said...

I've had that happen to me twice. Now I back up my photos on an external hard drive!

LadyD Piano said...

Thanks for hosting. I love the color yellow!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for hosting this hop! Have a lovely Monday!~Leah

Linnea said...

I hope your photos return! I'm sure they will. Thanks for hosting...

Loui♥ said...

thanks for all the good times shared here..
hope your computer is fixed soon!
I know the feeling!!
warmest hugs!!

Admin said...

i got crazy when my lappy did not work 2 weeks ago...hope all is good now...
happy thanksgiving in advance.

My Gladiolas

MYM said...

Thanks everyone! I did manage to find all my files - they were saved in a very strangely named file so I didn't see them for a while.

Anyway - thank goodness & thanks for your support :) Hopefully back to normal next week, whatever normal is.