Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday #112

Found a couple of yellow bargains at a yard sale the other day. The one on the left is for a plant and the one on the right is a candle that hasn't even been used yet - not bad for a $1.00 purchase :)


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Kim, USA said...

That is pretty good yard sale find.
MYM said...

that's a great find!
Thanks for hosting DM!

Nicole said...

I love the bucket candle!

Marice said...

you got a pretty good deal on that!

srp said...

These are GREAT finds. Perhaps I should do yard sales more. I have a friend who goes every weekend.

clavs said...

Hi there Ms. or Mr.? MYM, LOL! just so you know, my post is up. love this MYM meme very much! ciao!

Liz said...

Great find.

Have a fabulous week!

My Yellow

Modern Mom said...

Happy MYM!

My entry.

purethoughts said...

i cannot find the linky... here is my entry:

Anonymous said...

Like the candle :-)

Through the Looking Glass
Chicken soup for the Mental Souls

Annie Jeffries said...

love these faded yellow colors. what a lucky find.

riz said...

wow, i do love bargain finds. a buck for those two? marvelous!

IMRIZ said...

where's mr. linky?

Candace said...

That is a heckuva deal! Great finds! Thanks so much for hosting. Have a wonderful week, Candace

Shawn said...

Thanks for hosting. Love your bargains fro the yard sale and awesome $ .

Sara Chapman in Seattle, USA said...

Not only a great find, but such a lovely, soft yellow, both of them.

patty said...

love that shade of yellow!
thanks for hosting!

Leovi said...

Beautiful and delicate shades of pale yellow, I like the soft light and shadow. I wish you a wonderful week!

Anonymous said...

...and the candle can too be used to a plant ;-)

Leslie said...

For a $1.00 - absolutely you got some good finds!

Mona said...

Agree, its pretty :)

Loui♥ said...

LUCKY you!!!

mommy Orkid Belle said...

Those are some pretty good finds, indeed. :)

Adin B

Irene said...

Not a bad catch! Happy MYM!

gengen said...

looks cute...

Nessa said...

I love candles. Inexpensive pretty candles are great bonus!

Carola said...

Nice light yellow.

Maude Lynn said...

Nice bargains!

Jenny said...

I love yard sale finds!